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deviation in storage by ArtisticallyAquarius


Sophie cosplay by awesomeyuan
Sophie cosplay
I haven't put any cosplay stuff here in a while! So here's Sophie from Tales of Graces!
I lovvvvve Sophie so much & I always wanted to cosplay her, so I finally made her toast of the town costume (because I like that one better than her original one)
I'll be wearing her to kumoricon this year, in September. Surprisingly she is the only tales character I'm cosplaying as this year. (The last time I went I was like 3 different tales characters) what blasphemy is this.
I'm going to be Link from the Zelda series
Rose Quartz from Steven universe
And Princess Peach if I can finish her in time. (If not I'll just debut her at Eucon)
I also got a new camera so there will be some photoshoots! I'm very excited!
COMMISSIONS 25% OFF by awesomeyuan

Copied and pasted from my tumblr post:
(info from the actual commission list post below, i just havent added 25% deal to the text)

I meant to write plus $5 for sketch AND lineart

chibi sketches are also $5 and lineart for $8.

       My style of chibis change depending on the drawing

Background for sketches or lineart plus $5 for either

      every drawing (except sketches and lineart) will get a standard bg of color with shapes

      I am NOT the best with bgs use this as a warning

I am willing to do NSFW DEPENDING on the drawing.

      I am not comfortable with drawing certain things, but, again, it depends on the drawing.

how to commission me?
email me at

List which option (full body, Bust, headshot, etc.)

send a picture of who you want (or describe the character if there isn’t any)

send a description on what you want

you HAVE to have paypal!!
I’m also willing to record during the color process!

even if you cant afford to commission me, I appreciate the support!!

Hey guys! i am having a commission sale of 25% off!
I’ve been preparing for a convention that’s happening next month, and i would like some extra cash for it. the sale will end at the beginning of next month (September). I will still have commissions open, but the 25% off will be over. So act now!
I am also doing Banners (like youtube etc) since most of my commissions seem to be of banners lmao. My normal price for banners have been around $50, but it all depends on whats in the banners. but of course it will be 25% off.
I draw more than just youtubers or Tales of, so please talk to me by either an ask (or fanmail or whatever its called lmao) or at the email i’ve stated in the above text. Thank you! <3

ALSO after the convention i might have a surprise in store, but i would need enough commissions to release that info~~~~ lmao
Markiplier WIP by awesomeyuan
Markiplier WIP
I havent posted here in a lil while. i've barely been on my computer, since i've been working a lot, and trying to get cosplays done before kumoricon (internally screaming only a month away). when i am on, im drawing for a game a friend is making (like a legit game. IM SO PUMPED. AND I WILL GET PAID FOR IT WAHT)

but anyway...i've been having a REAL hard time lately. like, harder than i have in the past, which seems like that wouldnt be possible, with the craziness i've endured the past few years.
My grandma died a month or so ago. and some of you might know that she's the one who taught me how to sew (she pretty much made my first cosplay as she was teaching me 5ish years ago) she and my grandpa took care of my brother and i growing up when my mom was having a tough time, so i became very very close to my grandma.
i started this drawing a few days after she died because i needed to vent, and because Markiplier was the only youtuber i was actively watching at the time, i decided to draw him. and push myself as an artist. maybe someday i'll do commissions of this style
i still have a lot to go on this drawing, but i've only really been working on it when i feel stressed or alone.
this is my second attempt at a realistic digital painting (the first one was of supermaryface because shes an awesome friend lol)
i've only got half of his face shaded so it looks kinda weird lmao. but im very very proud of it so far.

after kumoricon and after the game project i'll try to be more active and post more drawings. but thanks for those who stick around
also, i post more WIPS on tumblr (when i do draw)
(and maybe you can see the art for the game project maybe? hmm? hmmmm?)
Congrats to Markiplier by awesomeyuan
Congrats to Markiplier

 i drew this a few days ago and didnt have the chance to upload it!
its so awesome being able to use my computer again, without any viruses. ;3; 
trying out a different style but eh idk.  im not too fond with how the fans turned out but oh well

Congrats mark for doing what you do and inspiring so many people!

video of the process of this drawing:…
want to commission me? more info here:…

I also have a nontext version that im too lazy to upload on DA lmao
Danny by awesomeyuan
my computer is finally fixed and so i drew danny as celebration!


awesomeyuan's Profile Picture
Mya Coach
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Wonder what other sites i'm on?
Facebook like page:…
my personal account (must tell me who you are if you're going to add me, i'll delete anyone who doesn't explain) :
my personal tumblr (i'll reblog anything i love, from tales of, to Legend of Korra, to the Avengers, to Tiger and Bunny <3) :
RP accounts, other accounts I have~
Arck's Ask Tumblr:
Shihna Fujibayashi-Wilder on facebook:…
Asch TheUke BloodyFabre on facebook:…

People who i love more than anything in the world and inspire me to be a better person(in random order):
:iconassassinrage: :iconaxx123: :iconfullmetalfreak2: :iconits-teh-chibi: :iconkikikabuki: :iconkyde-drakes: :iconmacoroninoodle: :iconookidaoo: :iconseluusi: :iconshell-o-ronie: :icontimetoshinehorse: :icontngapch: :iconxergrim: :iconbehindinwonderland: :iconhopelessace:
if i missed anyone, I REALLY AM SORRY (tell me if you feel like you deserve to be on here! seriously I'm stupid sometimes and I really hate it if I mess up!), these are the people I've either have been talking to a lot for the past while, or have always talked to me over the years or I just really love in general (though some have been omitted because i havn't talked to them in years)
Anyone can be in this list~ Alls you gots to do is talk with me a bunch, and I swear, we'll become good friends fast! ;u;/ love you guys!~ :heart:
just an update guys!
first of all, i have deleted all the messages i have been storing up. (i had way too many and it was wayyyyyy too late to reply back to). My computer has a virus still, and it still doesnt like loading DA. I've been wanting to get back on DA for a while. and to not go off track, again i deleted all the messages i had. faves, watches, comments, etc. Thank you for the birthday wishes, thank you for the feedback on my Tales of Symphonia zombie AU. (i eventually plan to draw the whole crew)
now, to restart.
hi, i am Mya.
all of you know me as awesomeyuan. I've decided to also go by Myapieya. i havent made a new account or anything, but i do eventually want to transition from being called awesomeyuan to Myapieya. im very fond of being called awesomeyuan and its hard to think of changing it, since it has been my username for many different things since i first made my DA account, 7 years ago. so, you guys can call me either one.

on another note, since im so inactive on DA, you guys are more than willing to follow me on tumblr:
i check my messages on there every day, and i post way more there (because my computer can handle it better)
i am also constantly on twitter, but its more of where i rant about dumb stuff than anything. (live tweeting about games im playing, shows/anime im watching, problems in life etc)

things for the future: I plan on opening an etsy shop where i will sell my keychains/stickers/magnets/prints/etc and sewing online. If anyone knows how etsy works please inform me because i honestly dont know what to do, and i'll be sharing it with my mom.
I plan on finally getting an artist alley booth at Kumoricon 2015 so i have started designing, and am in need of series that are popular.
so far i have drawn free! (which i will post the designs in the next day or so)
and a design of Lloyd (which i will also post)
a little ranty, but:
I plan on cosplaying at kumo2015 as
Sophie Lhant "Toast of the town" costume (tales of Graces f)
Young or Adult blue Link (Legend of Zelda)
Mirai Kuriyama costume undecided (Kyoukai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary)
Chiyo Sakura (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun)
these plans might change but i have already ordered my contacts for Sophie (which will double for Chiyo) as my birthday present from my parents, and my grandparents are getting me a wig for Sophie as my birthday and possibly christmas present.
I have a little money left over from my parents so i am planning on getting a few wigs (which i just ordered a white one earlier tonight for when i eventually cosplay Genis) which might be Chiyo's and Mirai's.
I have pretty much all the materials to make Sophie. I had all the fabric already because i was storing it for a different costume i will never make, and i am going to dye some fabric. all i really need is a good pair of shoes/boots that i can alter. im so excited to cosplay as her because she is probably one of my most favorite characters. so eventually there will be a lot of photoshoots.

getting away from cosplay talk, im taking commissions still. im always taking commissions! i absolutely love doing commissions not only because i receive money but some of the work i've made are my favorites. i really push myself! also, once i have my computer fixed, i will start on streaming again. i really miss it, and i miss being able to interact with you all.
I am also planning on starting Raison D'etre back up. im restarting on it, since my art style has changed so much. there will be a lot of changes to the characters. i need to actually work on it.
I also want to work on the story with Geilmuda or however i spelled it. so probably after im done with designs for kumoricon, and once i figure out what i plan on doing with my life, i will start on them. because i am in a time of not knowing what to do about getting a job, or going back to school, they will still be postponed.

also as a random comment
im really excited about a certain thing that i will not talk about here yet. im waiting for another party to post about it before i say anything. once they post it, i will share. (i might go fangirling or something along those lines ahaha)

im very sorry if this became so ranty but im literally running on 2 hours of sleep, and i have been awake for like 20 hours.

i just wanted to say
thank you for bearing with me
and i hope you all will continue to bear with me.
love you guys <3
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Smosh
  • Reading: maybe the Hunger Games idk yet
  • Watching: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun and Beyond the Boundary
  • Playing: Tales of Graces F
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale

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